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Should You Use an Executive Resume Writing Service?

If you haven’t considered using an executive resume writing service, you might want to reconsider. It's one more thing you can do to stack the deck in your favor. When you consider how such a small an investment can lead to big returns--high starting salary, improved long term career growth--it's money well spent.

Selling yourself and your talents on paper is different, very from making a good impression in a face-to-face interview. Your resume has fifteen seconds to either to get you in the door or kill off your chances entirely.

Fifteen seconds.

Even if you’re looking for an entry level position, chance are there are more applicants than positions, and, when applying for a Federal job, the resume is your primary tool which has to comply with requirements from the US Office of Personnel Management. So you have to know exactly how to fulfill the application guidelines, while showcasing your skills to your best advantage.

An expert from an executive resume writing service knows how this is done.

An Executive Resume Writing Service Markets YOU

Professionals at a resume writing service are skilled at selling candidates on the written page. Their writing and formatting techniques are time-tested, and they know what strategy to use for specific career search scenarios.

For example, did you know that if you’re changing careers, your resume needs to emphasize your transferable skills over your experience? And every resume needs to be phrased in language that is "native" to the opportunity. A resume for an HR position will sound very different from one aimed at a project management.

An experienced professional resume writer has done it all before and can help you gain an edge over competing applicants.

Professional resume writers constantly study the job market, economic trends, and most importantly, the current hiring trends. They know what hiring managers want to see and can help you meet and exceed those expectations.

Choosing an Executive Resume Writing Service

When you're ready to hire a professional resume writer, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

First, remember that you are the customer. Of course, you can and should expect that your professional advisor will have a different perspective and may suggest strategies you've never thought of. Consider the advice carefully but never forget that ultimately you're the one who will decide how to proceed. Don't agree to anything that doesn't feel right, especially if it in any way seems less than completely honest. When it comes time for your interview, you absolutely must be confident in the materials you have presented to the hiring manager and the whole "package" you present.

Second, find a service that has demonstrated success in assisting individuals going through your type of career transition. This is not a one-size-fits-all business, and while a smart resume writer will probably be able to guess what's needed in situations he or she has never addressed before, why take the chance?

Ask for examples of previous work. They won't share specifics due to client confidentiality, but they should be able to give you the general outlines. If you need more, ask for a reference, someone who has used their service and is willing to give you their feedback.

Professional Guidance for Difficult Issues

If there are less-than-favorable events or experiences in your background which you would rather not highlight, discuss them with the writers. An experienced professional at an executive resume writing service will be able to minimize potential liabilities while maximizing past achievements and relating them to new challenges.

Executive Resume Writing Service Tips

Choose your keywords.  If you've ever conducted a Google search, you know what a keyword is. It's the specific word or phrase that someone uses to find something on the Internet.

The same applies for resumes--which increasingly are sent and received over the web. But however you plan to submit your resume, use keywords to showcase your skills and talents.

Translate your military background by relating your skills to the requirements of the private sector organization you’re applying to, and use keywords or terms that are known and used in that environment.

Format for emphasis and readability.  Use strong visual aids in your resume, like bullets, headlines, and indentation to grab the reader’s attention. You can assume that there are a number of resumes that this reader has to review.

In fact, when writing your resume, assume that your readers are actually looking for a reason to not read it, to put it aside and move on to the next one. Don't let them! Stop them in their tracks with relevant content and a high-impact presentation.

Get the Help You Need

Searching for a job while making a transition from one world to another can feel like a lonely process. You need as much support as you can get. An executive resume writing service takes the stress off you. Shop around, read user reviews and in no time, you’ll have a marketing document that gets you hired.If you’re applying for an executive position, the barriers to entry may be higher but so are the rewards. Professional resume writers can help you find your way into this new territory, crafting a marketing document that shows your ability to capitalize on opportunities, deliver results and create value for companies you work with.

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